Yadira Elizabeth Tzoy Riz
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My name is Yadira Elizabeth Tzoy Riz. I'm a 6-year-old.

My birthday is
July 5, 2016.
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My Story

Hello! My name is Yadira Tzoy Riz, and it is a privilege to greet you through this letter. I just turned six years old, and this year, I am a kindergarten II. Currently, I receive face-to-face classes and hand in homework from Monday to Friday in the schedules of 10:30-12:15 PM. Happily, I have done a great job at school despite the pandemic. In my spare time, I enjoy playing with my sister Angela. Let me tell you that my mother does the housework and raises domestic animals for selling. On the other hand, my father makes a living as a day laborer to cover the necessities of our family. Spending time with my family is amazing because we like to go to the river or or a walk in the beautiful Zacualpa town to enjoy the landscapes. Fortunately, we live in our own house which is made of adobe with a tile roof and a concrete floor. Our home has one room, a separate kitchen, electricity and running water. Fortunately, the house is in good condition.

Let me tell you that I enjoy celebrating Christmas so much because this is the most beautiful and exciting season of the year. However, this festivity turned different since the pandemic started. Last year, we only prepared a lunch to share as a family. Nowadays, my family and I are members of the Renewal Charismatic group which belongs to the Catholic Church. When we go there, we usually travel 15 minutes by bus. We are very glad and grateful to the Lord because my father has the privilege to serve at church. Sadly, our church had to close its doors due to the virus which made us feel worried and anguished, but now, it works as normal. Currently, the virus continues to affect my family because the price of food increased, and there is not much work. Therefore, our necessities are groceries. Nevertheless, our Heavenly Father has been faithful to us because we are healthy. Moreover, we could see his mercy through the Living Water staff who gave us food parcels when we needed them the most. I take advantage of this moment to thank you for all you have done for many children like me through Adopt a Child/Living Water. Luckily, the feeding program is open again after a long time closed. What I missed the most from the program were the tasty lunches that cooks prepare. When I go to the feeding program, I usually walk for 30 minutes or travel 10 minutes by bus. Finally, I want to tell you that my father gave this information to an evangelism team member to share with you my last news. I send you huge hugs hoping to hear from you soon. May God bless you richly. See you later!

From the bottom of my heart,

Yadira Tzoy Riz

Translated by: Hillary Popol, AAC Secretary/Antigua