Joel Disha
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My name is Joel Disha. I'm 3 years old.

My birthday is
June 10, 2017.
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My Story

Hello! My name is Joel Disha. I am a 3 years old boy and my birthday is on June 10th. I am in good health. My future dream is to be a police. I will start to attend the kindergarten on September and there I will meet with my friends. We enjoy learning new things from our kindergarten teacher as poems by heart or songs. She tells us beautiful stories and teaches us to love one another. At present the weather is nice and I like to get together with my friends to play outside. Our games are simple as hide and seek, running to catch one another, etc. During the time that I am inside my home, I like to play with a few toys that I have got.

I frequent the programme of Katjel and enjoy the Bible lessons we take there from the teachers of the church. My mother brings me to attend the church and the Bible classes. She is also attending the ladies meetings. Once every month, the Adopt a Child programme has delivered to me a food package containing groceries as sugar, rice, oil, etc. My mother and I are blessed to receive these groceries from the program during this time of need caused by the pandemic lockdown.

My family and I live in Katjel. My father’s name is Marko and my mother’s name is Gurije. My parents were living in Italy when I was born and afterwards my father divorced. I live with my mother in Katjel, We live alone and are being helped by my mother’s family. Since my parents were divorced I have not seen my father and he doesn’t bring any support for me or care for my living needs. My mother works in the land together with my uncles and they have planted a vegetable garden during spring. At present, the ladies of our family are collecting a few vegetables and have started to consume them. My mother provides beans, tomatoes, anions, peppers and other vegetables fresh from our garden. My mother and my uncles” family are recently collecting fruits from the trees we have around our land and garden. They compost these fruits and make composts of jam that we consume during the winter. Thank you for your care and support to me through the sponsorship Adopt a Child programme. My mother and I live in soar poverty and without any support! God bless you!

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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