Gender Female
Birth Date Jun 01, 2010
Age 9 years old
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Hello! My name is Ergisa Novaku. I am a 9 years old girl and my birthday is on June 1st.  I am doing well and in good health. I attend the 4th grade at school and am doing well with the lessons. School and the feeding programme are about an hour far from my home and I do this long walk every day. I meet every morning with my friends so I don’t walk alone and we do the same when we return in our home after school. I am doing well with the lessons at school. My favorite subject I like to study the most is Language. My future dream is to be a teacher when I grow up. I like to get together with my friends every afternoon and spend a few hours to play with them. We enjoy playing volleyball. The winter is almost present and the days are short and are getting cold. For this reason we can’t stay too long outside to enjoy our time playing. My favorite color is red. Every time my mother buys for me a new shirt or sweater, I like for them to be in this color. I attend the feeding programme at Rodokal right after I finish school on Mondays and Thursdays. There I enjoy the food cooked and served to us and attend the Bible classes. At the end of the Bible lesson, we spend a while playing different games or fellowshipping. Once a year, I benefit a free dental care from the dentist offered at the dental clinic of our programme.

My family and I live in Low Rodokal. I have six persons containing my family. My house is old and doesn’t offer appropriated living conditions to us. We all live in two rooms. My father’s name is Anest and my mother’s name is Vera. My grandfather lives with us and is part of our family. He is retired and receives a small village pension. He is still strong and in good health and during the day he cares to feed the cow. I have two sisters. Their names are Pauola, sixteen years old and Esi, 11 years old. They are both attending school and the feeding programme. My family owns land and same as all families in the village, they have previously planted corn. We use corn as stock food for the cow. Carrying for the cow, my family profits a few litters of milk to consume daily as well as butter, cheese and yogurt.  My father sells the calf each year to gain a bit more of profit. My mother has planted a vegetable garden for us to consume beans, anions, peppers, tomatoes, etc. We have got a few fruits trees and my parents collect the fruits and my mother makes composts or jam that we consume during the winter. My father is emigrating in Greece and works there for three to six months to provide for our family. He does different kinds of jobs, as hired from the people in this country. At times he works in agriculture at other times in construction. What we benefit from the lands is too less and for this reason my father emigrates so he can provide for us what we need for the living. We are living still in poverty as my father is working in Greece for three months only and what he gains is not enough.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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