Rosa Olivia

Gender Female
Birth Date Jun 20, 2014
Age 5 years old
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Dueñas, where your child lives, is a small farming village located at the foot of one of Guatemala's active volcanoes, Fuego (Fire).  The fertile ground around the village allows for the cultivation of roses and coffee, two of Guatemala's largest exports.  Most of the families in this area live in one or two room wooden or adobe houses with tin roofs.  Electricity is available to those who can afford it.  Running water is available - however, most homes do not have indoor plumbing.  Life in Dueñas is quiet.

Hello, my name is Rosa Olivia Tax Chocoj. I was born on June 20, 2014. I am a basically healthy little girl and I walk about twenty minutes to get to the feeding program. I have four siblings. Three brothers and one sister. Three of my siblings are also registered in the feeding program. I am not attending school yet because I am young, so I spend my time playing with dolls and toy dishes. My favorite color is pink and my favorite animals are cats and lizards. The food that I like to eat the most is noodles with chicken. My father’s name is Cesar August Tax Tejax. He usually works as a farmer and he also picks coffee beans in a nearby farm. At the moment, my father is not working because he is recovering from a virus that he caught about two months ago. He is currently under a medical treatment. My mother’s name is Olivia Chocoj. She is a housewife. She suffers from a lot of pain in her right knee because about two years ago some thieves shot her leg. My mother is so grateful to God because she is alive even though she suffers from a lot of pain in her leg. She is currently taking medicine. We live on a piece of land that the owner has given us permission to live on in exchange for taking care of it. We do not pay any rent. We only pay for running water and electricity. We only have one room made of tin sheets with a dirt floor. We do not have a separate kitchen, so my mother cooks outside with firewood. My family and I attend Living Water church named Liberty in Jocotenango.  

With much love and many blessings,

Rosa Olivia Tax Chocoj

Translated by: Lidia Vasquez / AAC Secretary

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