Gender Male
Birth Date Nov 07, 2009
Age 10 years old
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Mateo Memini is nine years old. He is doing well and is in good health. Mateo is attending the third grade at school from morning till midday. After school he enjoys a few hours playing with his friends as they gather close to home. They don’t get to stay playing for too long as the weather is wet and during the afternoons is too cold to stand outside. Mateo usually studies and does his school homework on the evenings with his mother staying close to him. Mateo attends regularly twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday our feeding program in Katjel, enjoying the combined meals cooked and served to the participating children. The food is cooked at the base in Pogradec and transported to be served by the cooks in the programmes. Our menu is sausages, pasta, cooked rice and fried chickens. During the meal he also enjoys a fruit. After the meal Mateo attends the Bible classes for the children same age with him. After each class he and the other children who attend enjoy their time playing different games at our centre under the care of the teachers of the feeding programme.  Mateo has the possibility once a year to get his teeth fixed from the dentist of our ministry at our dental clinic.

The team visited Mateo’s family to receive this information and present to them the gospel. They spoke with the mother to receive this information but when they tried to speak to her about God, she showed no interest. There are four persons containing Mateo’s family who live in a room. Their home offers appropriated living conditions. Mateo has a younger sister who is at present five years old. Her name is Leonora. Mateo’s father tried to work in the village part time, doing maintain jobs for the people who hired him but he wasn’t earning enough income therefore he decided to continue doing the same job in emigration. He emigrates in Greece and is hired there for eight months. He is providing well, but with the challenge that he needs to be for long away from his children and his wife. He returns home for three to four months and during this time he tries to work a bit on his lands or at his home. The mother has decided to plant corn during this year. Corn serves as stock food for animals or chickens and since this family doesn’t raise animals, they sell it to the others in the village to earn a bit more of income. The financial situation of this family is stabilized as the father has worked in emigration.

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