Junior Haroldo Puc Cabrera
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About Me
My name is Junior Haroldo Puc Cabrera. I'm 16 years old.

My birthday is
January 29, 2004.
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My Story

Hello! It is a pleasure to send you many greetings from San Sebastian farm in San Miguel Dueñas. I live with my mother, siblings and father. My mother works in a place where they sell food. My father works as a farmer in San Sebastian farm. He cuts wood.  Both, my father and mother work here in our town. Thank goodness with my parent’s job we can have the necessities at home. Fortunately, my family and I are in good health. Some time ago I got sick, I went to the clinics in the feeding program and the doctor gave me medicines. Now I am fine. I am doing a good job in my studies and my favorite subject is mathematics. I enjoy playing football with my friends in the recess. I love ducks and other animals. I do not work at the moment, I stay busy with my school stuff. As a family we have had some problems. We try to resolve it by talking or going to ask for some advice for my grandparents. We are a united family and we want to continue being the same way.

I would like to ask for your prayers for us. Last Christmas I a spent wonderful time with my whole family. My dream is to become a good farmer to look after a lot of different type of plants. Also, I would like to learn how to do business. My favorite activities are drawing and playing football with my friends and siblings. My family and I do not attend church because most of the time we are busy. We go to visit my grandparents on Saturday and Sunday. Please, pray for us especially for my studies, my parent’s jobs and in that way, we can have our food. My dream is for my family to live in peace, to be healthy and when we have some problem we can support each other to go ahead as a family. It has been a pleasure to share a little about my family and me. I hope to meet you someday in person. I say good-bye to you for now. May God bless you!

Lots of hugs

Junior Haroldo Puc Cabrera

Translated by: Violeta Hernandez / AAC Secretary /Antigua