Joseline Andrea Ordonez Rodas
Ref# DU0986

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My name is Joseline Andrea Ordonez Rodas. I'm a 18-year-old.

My birthday is
June 20, 2005.
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My Story

I greet you excitedly, hoping you are having a good day together with your loved ones. This is Joseline, and I hope you find my last news engaging. My family and I are members of Prince of Peace Church. We usually attend our services twice weekly. The Almighty has been faithful with us all the time and proof of that, my siblings and I can attend the feeding program. We consider this project as worthy since we receive spiritual support, medical and dental care. My mother, Idalia Rodas, works as a domestic employee to help my father with expenses. My father, Leonidas Ordonez, makes a living by working in a nursery. Taking advantage of this, I would like to count on your prayers for him since he suffers from issues with his nerves. Fortunately, he is already getting shots of vitamins to treat his condition.

I am seventeen years old, and as you know, I am studying for a professional career to become an accountant. This is the last year of my career, and I receive face-to-face classes. I like this method because I understand the explanations so much better than studying online. I look forward to becoming an auditor, so I am doing my best to accomplish it. I also would like to learn another language like English; I hope to achieve it someday. People say that you should enjoy every single day as it was the last one, so I like all the celebrations throughout the year. My health is stable, although I suffer from myopia. However, I already went to the doctor, and he prescribed me drops to treat my condition. I love eating delicious slices of cakes, especially if it is my birthday. When this celebration is closer, my family buys one for me. My favorite drink is Coca-Cola, and I like playing football. Thank you so much for reading my news! I say goodbye for now, but I hope to hear from you soon.

From the bottom of my heart,

Joseline Andrea Ordonez Rodas

Translated by: Hillary Popol, AAC Secretary / Antigua Guatemala