Mateo Fasho
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My name is Mateo Fasho. I'm a 10-year-old.

My birthday is
September 17, 2011.
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My Story

Hello! My name is Mateo Fusha. I am 10 years old and my birthday is on September 17th. I am in good health. My favorite colors are black and white. and my future dream is to be an IT. I like very much to learn to use the computer and at present, I spend time playing with the mobile phone of my parents. I attend the fifth grade at school and enjoy learning. My favorite subject at school is Math. I spend my afternoons playing and my favorite games are football and basketball. We live in the village and as family we have a lot to do in the fields. I like to help my parents and work together with them. I collected the vegetables and fruits from the trees helping my parents. The weather is cold at present and we light the fire daily in our house. I bring fire wood inside our house and make sure that we have enough to burn for the day.

I live in Kotodesh. My father’s name is Flamur and my mother’s name is Oltjana. My parents have divorced and for this reason, my mother got married again. My mother together with me and my brother left Greece after the divorce. We live now with my step father in Kotodesh. My brother’s name is Armando and at present he is six years old. My mother and step father deal here in the village with agriculture and we as family own a portion of land. My mother has planted vegetables on the spring and we have already collected them and consumed them till autumn. My step father works in Greece for three to six months to provide the income that we need for the living. We are happy that he has this opportunity, because the land doesn’t give much product and we can’t depend on the land. I am very happy that my brother and I got both registered in the programme of Adopt a Child. We both benefit help and care frequenting the Bible classes and the church services here in Kotodesh. We are happy to receive benefits from Adopt a Child because we are living with low income and our needs are many.  

The church of Living Water Adopt a Child in Kotodesh has different activities for the children and adults during three days of the week. On Monday, they have a prayer meeting and on Thursdays they have Bible classes for children as well as Bible studies for ladies. The church service is on Saturdays. At present, the children are preparing the Christmas performance and are practicing to sing the Christmas songs and play the drama. Every six weeks the children receive a package that contains food as gift form Adopt a Child. During Christmas they will receive their Christmas Alternative gifts and are going to be blessed even more. Thank you for choosing to care for a child and to be a sponsor. God bless you richly!

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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