Noel Gjona
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My name is Noel Gjona. I'm a 7-year-old.

My birthday is
June 6, 2014.
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Hello! My name is Noel Gjona. I am a 6 year old boy and my birthday is on June 6th. I am doing well and enjoy good health. I attend the first grade at school and am doing my maximum to study well and earn good evaluation marks by the teachers. I am from Laktesh, but I am doing school in Proptisht because my mother works in this village as a nurse. My father is working as a minibus driver and he takes my mother and I every morning from our village and transports us to Proptisht.  In my free time, I like to get together with my friends and we play outside for a while. We play simple games as hide and seek, perform running races, etc.  We also like to play with a ball. We are in the season of winter and the temperatures are very low at present. We all as family stay in one room where we have installed the fire stove and my mother uses this stove to cook and bake the bread.

My family and I live in Laktesh. My village not too far from Proptisht. The infrastructure is totally missing and the road of our village is in really bad conditions, filled with mud and with many holes that get filled with water during the fall. My father’s name is Ervin and my mother’s name is Laureta. I have a sister. My father owns a minibus and he works as a driver. He goes every morning from the village to Pogradec and returns during the afternoon. Doing this job, he is considered as hired, even that he receives a low income. My mother is working in Proptisht as a nurse and earns a governmental pay, which is considerable as an income to our family. My parents own land in the village and deal with agriculture. They are most of the time away from home and can’t plant a whole lot, but they are still planting crops and my mother plants a vegetable in front of our home. We have also got fruit trees around our land and house. We don’t benefit a whole lot from the land but we are happy that we still can gain fresh vegetables and provide ourselves the wheat which is grinded to flour. My mother same as all the other ladies in the village likes to bake the bread at home for us.

I attend the program in Proptisht, but not recently, because of the pandemic distancing rules. At present the teens above 13 as well as the ladies and men gather to the house we meet for Bible studies.  I go to the programme only once a month and there I have been blessed with a package with groceries. This package contains sugar, oil, rice, flour as well as washing detergents. Same as all the people who live in Laktesh and Proptisht, my family and I live in poverty and we are thankful to the Adopt a Child sponsorship programme for the help and support to us. God bless you!

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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