Xhemile Leka
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My name is Xhemile Leka. I'm 75 years old.

My birthday is
August 15, 1945.
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Hello! My name is Xhemile Leka. I am 75years old, a widow from many years already. My birthday is on August 15th. I live alone in an old home that doesn’t offer appropriated living conditions. My daughter who lives in the village cares for me. She is taking care of me and is trying her best to be close to me. She comes to clean my home, wash my clothes and cook. We both work in the vegetable garden I have close to my home, where she does most of the work.

I am in good health, and strong, but on the other side, I face problems controlling the blood pressure and as a result of age, I have started to have problems seeing well. I take medicine daily and go to see the doctor every month. I am happy that we have doctors here in the villages that do these checkups for me. I am able to go there any time and check my blood pressure.  

I used to work in agriculture here in the village of Proptisht and have retired already. I receive a small village pension and part of it, I give to my daughter. This amount doesn’t last much and is too small to support my living basic needs therefore I am happy that I have my daughter who is working in our land to gain vegetables and wheat.  

I have land in the village and we plant usually wheat, corn or vegetables. We have planted tomatoes, peppers, beans, anions, etc. We also have fruit trees as apples, plums, walnuts, cherries and my daughters needs to hire other persons to collect our fruits from the trees.  

I am happy to be part of the church of Proptisht and frequent regularly the church services as well as the ladies meetings. I am very grateful to Living Water Adopt a Child for the food packages we receive monthly.  

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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