Gender Female
Birth Date Jan 15, 2016
Age 3 years old
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My name is Enjoela Dervishi. I am three years old and enjoy good health. My birthday is on January 15th. My family and I live in Katjel. Our village is about one hour far from the nearest town and from the National road. Most of the people in my village work in the lands and raise animals. I like to play with my dolls, even that I have got very few. When the days are sunny, I also meet with my friends or cousins to play outside. We play in dirt roads and close to our homes. My favorite game to play is hide and seek. My favorite color is pink. I desire to be a doctor when I grow up so I can be close to the people and care for them.

In my home I have my father, mother and a sister who is six months old at present, just a small baby. I love her very much and try to care for her while my mother does the housekeeping or cooking. My father and mother are both working in emigration for a few months each year and this way, I need to stay at home under the care of my grandmother. The welfare of my family is not as bad because my parents are working in emigration, but my family and I face hardships living in the village. 

I have recently started to attend the feeding programme at Katjel. My mother or my grandmother take me from the kindergarten at midday and come along with me at the feeding programme centre. I come every Tuesday and Friday to the programme and enjoy the meals. I attend the Bible classes. There we sing to the Lord, we dance and the teachers are telling to us different stories from the Bible.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

Adopt a Child, Albania


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