Noel Rucolli
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My name is Noel Rucolli. I'm a 7-year-old.

My birthday is
September 22, 2014.
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Hello, my name is Noel Rucolli. I am a six years old boy and my birthday is on September 22nd. I am doing well and in good health, even that a few weeks before while playing football, I had a fracture in my arm that hilled totally. My favorite colors are blue and green. My favorite game is football. I like to play football all day long and my future dream is to become a football player and to hold number 27 in my shirt. I am off from the kindergarten till September. I will start the first grade at school on September and I am very happy and excited to meet with my new friends and teacher. School is very close to my home. I like to swim in the lake and my mother brings me and my sister Natalia for a few hours every day to the lake. After lunch, I like to get together with my friends. We play with a ball, hide and seek and a few other games that are simple. I also like to help my mother taking out the trash for her. My mother has allowed me to play for a while in the mobile phone. I like to play for a short while the Free fire game and another one titled running races. I also like to read and see cartoons on the TV.

My family and I live in Pogradec. My father’s name is Ardian and my mother’s name is Albina. I have a nine years old sister whose name is Natalia. She is in fourth grade at school and she loves to play with her dolls. She likes to be a painter so she does lots of paintings and drawings. Natalia is also in the programme. My father is working in a bar that he has rented. He used to work in Greece for many years, but he returned to work and live in Albania. My mother is a teacher and she teaches the children from the first grade till the fifth grade, ages 6-11. With both of them working our needs are not many even that we live with low income. My uncle’s name is Martin and he is working for Adopt a Child. When we go to church, he and Ema, my uncle’s wife care for my sister and me.

The Living Water Adopt a Child church in Pogradec meets every Saturday for the church services. After the worship time, the children go to theirclasses to take the Bible lesson for the day. The church in Pogradec has also two ladies’ meetings on Thursdays, a meeting is early in the morning and the other one is during the afternoon, giving this way the opportunity to each of the ladies that like to come to join and learn from the Word of God. The church in Pogradec has also started with the youth ministry and Bible studies in small groups. At present the youth are studying The Bible altogether by taking a course through the Christianity Explored materials and books. During this summer a few camps for children are also organized from our staff of teachers in every church we have as ministry. The children who are in the programme of Pogradec are benefiting help every month and they receive a package with food items that can be cooked to ten to twelve meals for the whole family. The box contains groceries as sugar, oil, rice, pasta, salt and such other items. We deliver these packages to the children by asking them to come together with one of their parents so that they can carry it for them and they are asked to come every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The package contains the logo of Adopt a Child. We are thankful to you who are giving to us the opportunity to bless and help these children in our church as they are walking into their spiritual growth and being nurtured in their physical needs.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

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