Gender Female
Birth Date Nov 12, 2007
Age 12 years old
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My name is Najada Golemi. I am an 11 years old girl and my birthday is on November 12th I am doing well and enjoy good health. I have enjoyed the summer playing volleyball with my friends and my cousins that live near me. My family needs to do quite a lot of work in the fields during the summer and I have helped them with all that I could do. I help my mother at home with the cleaning or wash the dishes. School started on September 16th and I started to attend the 7th grade. My parents bought to me the school books, supplies as well as a few new sport outfits needed. I enjoy learning and my evaluation mark for the previous year was eight, out of ten which is the maximum evaluation mark given by the teachers. I was happy to meet again with my class friends and teachers that I haven’t seen during the summer for two months. I have six persons containing my family. My house is old and doesn’t offer appropriated living conditions to us. We all live in three rooms. My father’s name is Edmond and mother’s name is Fitrete. I have two sisters and a brother. My older sister whose name is Xhoana is at present studying at the university. My brother Simon has just graduated from the high school. He is eighteen years old. My other sister’s name is Ergina, She is 14 years old and is attending the ninth grade at school. My father is emigrating in Macedonia and works there for three to six months in agriculture. He is earning a small income but it means a lot to a family like ours living in a village. We have a cow and are able to provide a few litters of milk to consume ourselves as well as other products as butter, cheese and yogurt. Once a year, my father sells the calf and we benefit a bit more of income. We have planted corn in our land and are able to provide this way the stock food needed for the cow. My mother has also planted the vegetable garden and we have beans, anions, peppers, tomatoes, etc. We as family are still living in poverty and our needs are many. The land doesn’t give much product as we do all the work in it by hand. During this season, my mother is also preserving the vegetables to be used during the winter. She is making also a few vases of compost from our plums or apples.  I attend regularly twice a week the feeding programme at Kotodesh and enjoy the food at the feeding centre, prepared and served by the cooks. I also attend the Bible classes and enjoy learning from the teachers about the Lord. We also have the possibility to play volleyball after the classes. A free dental care if offered to me at the dental clinic of the programme once a year. Simon and Ergina are also attending the programme.

Translated by Martin Rucolli

Adopt a Child. Albania

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