Cesar Leonel Garcia Morente
Ref# CA1386

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My name is Cesar Leonel Garcia Morente. I'm 10 years old.

My birthday is
February 28, 2010.
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My Story

Dear Sponsor,

Hello! How are you? I send you many greetings and I hope you are in good health together with your loved ones. Thank God, my family and I are in good health. I live with my mother and I have two siblings.  Unfortunately, my father did not legally recognize me. My mother works so hard to cover our needs; she works as a weaver. My sister, Yolanda, is from a different father and he sometimes gives my mother some money for his daughter’s needs. I do not help with the household chores yet due to my age. I attended first grade this year and I learned the vowels; I also learned the numbers from one to fifty. I made many friends at school and I loved to play football with them. I want to continue studying and pass all my grades.

I do not know yet if I will have the opportunity to study a professional career due to my mother does not have the economic resources to pay for it. Christmas is a very happy time for me because the whole family gets together in my grandmother’s house. There, we prepare “tamales and ponche” for the dinner. I take advantage of the opportunity to play with my cousins. After dinner, we light some fireworks. My family attends Prince of Peace Church and we sing praises to our Lord. I thank you for all the support you have given me through the feeding program and clinics. You are a great blessing in my life. I say goodbye to you for now hoping to have news from you soon. May God bless you!

With much love

Cesar Leonel Garcia Morente

Translated by: Loyda de Osorio/AAC Secretary