Rufina Ester Esperanza Ruiz Gomez
Ref# CA0676

About Me
My name is Rufina Ester Esperanza Ruiz Gomez. I'm 16 years old.

My birthday is
July 30, 2004.
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Attends Program

Cuatro Caminos

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My Story

Dear Sponsor,

Hello! How are you? I hope you are in good health together with your loved ones. May God bless you! I send you many greetings and a strong hug. Thank God, we are all in good health. My father is in the United States and he supports us economically. He calls us every fifteen days and he works for a company where they sell health products. My mother takes care of us. I only attended sixth grade. I no longer attend school because I do not like it. I help with the chores at home. My desire is to find a job and earn my own money. In my free time, I like to play soccer with my siblings. There are four children in my family; three boys and I am the only girl.

My family and I attend God Assembly Church. I like to learn about God´s Word. I faithfully attend the feeding program because I receive delicious food and the medical and dental benefits that we receive. My favorite food is fried chicken. I live near the feeding program because my house is located on the edge of the road that goes to Chuchuca. May God bless you and I hope you continue supporting me through the feeding program because it is a great blessing for me. Take care of yourself. I hope to hear from you soon.  

In Jesus name,

Your sponsored Child,

Rufina Ester Esperanza Ruiz Gomez

Translated by: Esther Hernandez/AAC Secretary/Antigua